Changing everything you know about low maintenance exteriors; vinyl siding offers high performance and low maintenance. In fact, vinyl is the most popular siding material across Canada.

3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding

Zero Water Absorption

Vinyl Siding is engineered from a high-tech polymer so it’s completely waterproof. It literally cannot absorb one single drop of water. So you never have to get caught up in checking for cracks and gaps between boards and caulking like other so-called low maintenance products.

Wind Resistant

Vinyl Siding is nailed at the top and locked at the bottom to hold strong in the elements. Which means you won’t see any loosening or be stuck with cracking from nailing down loose, brittle planks.

No Painting

Vibrant color is actually in the product, not on it, so it will never require painting, ever.

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Tom Cordeiro

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