The longer you wait to correct a problem, the more it will cost. So keep your home healthy by performing these simple home repair tasks regularly.

1. Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Water is the biggest culprit. Install gutters, downspouts, and leader pipes to collect rainwater and channel it away from the house. Check gutter systems seasonally to ensure there is no corrosion. Fix any broken pipe fasteners and remove clogs.

2. Check Every Shingle

Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your house. Inspect it for cracked or missing shingles. Water infiltration causes leaks where the roof meets windows and doors. Minor repairs make all the difference. A five dollar tube of caulking might save you thousands of dollars later. Seal any points at which cold air can enter the house. Add attic insulation to prevent any ice buildup.

3. Infestation Control

Check regularly for the appearance of pests or an infestation. Look for rotted wood that indicates the presence of termites. Piles of sawdust along your baseboards are a sign of carpenter ants. Heaps of old leaves or garbage house unwanted rodents. Use expandable foam to plug up holes.

4. It’s The Same Mold Story

Trapped water can lead to mold. Musty odors or moist air are typical symptoms of a mold buildup. Check obvious spots under carpets and around windows. Remove cover plates for cable-TV, phone, and internet connections to find hidden sources. Treat with one cup of chlorine bleach mixed into a liter of water. For larger outbreaks, call for professional help.

5. Flawless Foundation

Some cracks are harmless, but others spell trouble. Home Inspector Trick: Take a pencil around the house’s foundation while searching for cracks. If the pencil slides deep into the crack, it indicates a major problem. Monitor any changes in size. Buckling, bulging or horizontal cracks require the attention of a structural engineer.


Text by Kim Bartley of Kim Bartley Design | Produced by Canadian Home Trends Magazine

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