When planning a major bathroom renovation, it is important to consider functionality both for today and for the future. Be it from natural aging, an unexpected accident or taking in an elderly relative; at some point, most individuals find themselves in the position where an accessible bathroom is necessary. Often, this requires last minute bathroom re-designs that are both costly and unattractive.

Today, homeowners are learning to plan ahead and are looking for ways to plan their bathroom renovations so that their bathrooms are functional now and can easily be updated into accessible rooms without sacrificing style. With a little planning and fore-thought, we can create a bathroom that is ready to change with us as our seasons of life change; that will leave us comfortable even in the event we get a curve-ball thrown at us. Beautiful today and remaining so – all ready for tomorrow.

Beautiful Bathroom for Today
Beautiful Bathroom for Today
Readily Transformed into a Beautiful and Accessible Bathroom for Tomorrow
Readily Transformed into a Beautiful and Accessible Bathroom for Tomorrow

One of the biggest things to consider when planning a bathroom with accessibility in mind is the shower base. An Accessible Design shower base from Fleurco gives you plenty of options. An overhead shower with a hand-held option and glass shower doors make a beautiful bathroom. In the future, simply remove the glass doors, install a shower seat and handrails and you have an accessible shower stall that still looks lovely. The shower bases offer a drain that is level with the floor for easy entry and a textured floor to help prevent slipping. High quality, single piece construction with a fiberglass reinforced bottom ensures your bathroom will remain functional for many years.

Layout is also another important aspect to consider. Ensure that your layout is designed to provide adequate room to move between the sink, toilet and shower areas. A design that offers enough space for a wheelchair to maneuver not only offers future accessibility but it also provides a clean, open space for today.

Text by Betty Barkman, Photos Provided by Fleurco

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