Most people love to add decorative touches to their home at Christmas. Then there are those who just can’t stop at one room. For my clients, Val Geldart and Dave Dalton, no room remains untouched by holiday decor. Even the bathrooms and laundry room get a festive touch. “My mother is a Christmas nut,” says Geldart. Perhaps it’s genetic.

A Festive Touch
Sprigs of boxwood and holly berries (real or not) add a delicate touch to the stairwell.

East Coast Spirit with a Festive Touch

A storybook upbringing in the Maritimes instilled a love for family, community and Christmas. It’s an important holiday, where everyone can slow down and spend time together.

Geldart remembers big family dinners and Santa Claus parades. There were Christmas concerts at church, and driving around to admire the Christmas lights.

She says friends and family would drop by unannounced (a perfectly acceptable part of life in Atlantic Canada!) and reconnect. It was an important time to celebrate and be thankful.

A Christmas Stocking Tradition

Geldart’s mother grew up in the countryside. Their Christmas tree was decorated with homemade ornaments and strings of popcorn and cranberries. With her own family, Geldart’s mother began a tradition of putting an ornament in her stocking every Christmas. This began a lifetime of collecting.

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

From Newfoundland to Yellowknife, Geldart collects Christmas ornaments and decor on her travels whenever the opportunity arises. For instance, this spring she picked up a snowman during a trip to Iceland. Therefore, over the years, the family has had to add trees to accommodate the ornaments; creating a theme for each tree.

A glorious Christmas tree in the family room.

The family room features a glorious tree. The built-ins and fireplace offer the perfect display area for holiday decor. Even the outside storage building has a wreath on the door!

A Festive Touch
Dining room tree is decorated in all-natural tones.

The dining room tree almost touches the 10’ ceiling. The decorations are all-natural tones. The natural gas fireplace adds a soft glow as does the glassed-in wine room.

Beautifully made stockings in lush, earthy tones in a variety of fabric are the perfect complement to the oak mantel.

There’s a Festive Touch in Every Room and It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Every year the family makes sure to pick up one real tree.  They decorate it in red and green with colourful lights, because that’s what her sons liked when they were little. Geldart confesses that the rest of the trees are for her!

Geldart says, “I like to be able to see a tree no matter which room I spend time in. I am now up to four full-size trees and three small ones. A small tree in the hall and one in each of the boys’ rooms. I like to have Christmas all around me!”

A Festive Touch in Every Room
A sweet holiday air in the master bedroom.
Basement tree, decorated in red and green, is real.

The tree in the master bedroom gets a romantic sparkle of light. From the chair and snowflake-motif pillows, to the delicate little tree and candles, which add a sweet holiday air.

Important Home Feature: Christmas Storage Room

So, with a veritable storehouse of trees, where does it all go at the end of the season? One of the most important features in their newly built home is the storage room. It takes a lot of space to store all those trees, not to mention full sets of dishes and towels — all Christmas- themed, of course!

No room is left without a festive touch.  Every room gets a little bit more love added to it, even the laundry room and bathrooms. So, if it’s about being a Christmas nut, I say we should all be so lucky. Lucky to spread love and cheer throughout the home at Christmas, and always.

By Jane Lockhart | Photography by Gillian Jackson | Produced by RENO & DECOR

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