What can I do to keep my central air conditioner in good working condition?

Tips from AmeriSpec of Canada on Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioner:

  • Inspect and clean/replace the blower fan filter (usually located in the return air duct of the furnace) every two months or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Vacuum or brush clean the outdoor coil to keep it clear of dirt, leaves, and grass clippings. The coil can be carefully cleaned with a garden hose after debris is vacuumed off.
  • Both the blower fan and outdoor fan should be cleaned and lubricated, where applicable, when following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If there is a humidifier damper, make sure it is closed for the summer to reduce the unnecessary addition of moisture-laden air to the home.

amerispec-air-conditioner-maintenanceIf, after completing these suggestions, your air conditioner is performing poorly, we recommend you hire a qualified contractor to undertake a more thorough servicing. This includes checking the refrigerant level, or making electrical or mechanical checks with adjustments. As with all mechanical equipment, regular servicing by a qualified contractor in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications is recommended.

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