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According to seasoned contractor, Paul Moody of Configure Construction Group, it’s often the unexpected things that can lead to problems during a home renovation. So, let’s check out three things that can ruin your home renovation from a contractor’s perspective. Top 3 Renovation Mistakes to Avoid 1. Indecisiveness You’re working on a kitchen renovation and move the sink because it’s taking up too much counter space. However, after the plumbers leave for the day, you are standing by the window overlooking your backyard and think, “Wow this is a great view. We should’ve moved the sink to this spot.” Great idea! Only now you’ve got to call the plumbers back and have them take out the plumbing they did today to reinstall it by the window. That costs money. “When you are indecisive about your renovation and have to bring back your trades to revisit work, it results in unnecessary…