A well-planned basement finishing project will provide for great family enjoyment as well as being a sound investment. Poorly planned and improperly finished basements may satisfy immediate needs but could negatively impact on the sale value of your home. When planning your basement renovation, take into consideration the below basement finishing design concepts.

4 Basement Finishing Design Concepts to Consider


When considering improvements to your basement you should definitely consider the placement of rooms in relation to your existing windows. Bedrooms located in basements will need to have windows. Windows are also advisable for great rooms or family rooms to provide natural light and ventilation. Windows are not a required feature for the laundry room, basement bathrooms or storage facilities.

Keep Traffic Flow in Mind When Basement Finishing

Design your basement so that you do not need to walk through important rooms in order to access other spaces (i.e. the laundry room). Use the space at the base and the basement stairs as a directional hub to minimize traffic flow.

Spaces/Rooms to Consider

Most people want to develop their basement space into a guest bedroom, home office, great room, bathroom and storage space or a combination thereof. Open concept spaces are considered more appealing. Fewer walls may be more desirable. Avoid making your basement a maze of halls and doors.

Hiring Professional Help is Paramount to Basement Finishing Success

Most finished basements will exceed an expense of $20,000. Some projects can be three times that. Therefore, the wisdom of retaining a professional interior design person for an initial consultation is paramount to the success of your project.

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