Think about the home of the future. What does it look like? What are its capabilities? And most importantly, how do the items within the home fit seamlessly into our everyday lives, while still communicating our sense of style and personality? At Moen, these questions and more were considered when designing the revolutionary new Wi-Fi/cloud-based shower experience, U by Moen™ shower. Each technological element was crafted to ensure a flawless user experience, allowing consumers to expertly create a shower that is right for them, exactly how they like it.

While the technical design of a connected home product like the U by Moen shower is of utmost importance, Moen takes thoughtful design a step further, ensuring the physical appearance of the shower is just as impeccable.

“The physical design of the U by Moen shower controller is a separation that leans visually and conceptually away from ‘water faucet’ hardware, toward a tech-based control panel,” says Steven Ward, director of global design, Moen. “This is a design semantic that accurately communicates what the actual function of the device is, which goes far beyond merely mixing water temperature and regulating pressure.”

The design of the controller is reminiscent of high-end audio electronics, a more elevated appearance best demonstrated by its pure, minimalistic rectangular form. The finish is an extremely important design consideration and was purposely chosen to evoke the feeling of luxury through the combination of metal and glass.

“Terra Beige” was our finish colour of choice. It is a European exterior automotive finish that is exactly neutral without being too boring. It fits well with cool Chrome adjacent shower hardware as well as warm Oil-Rubbed Bronze,” adds Ward. “A controller with such a versatile finish allows consumers to incorporate the product into their homes, regardless of the design aesthetic.”

The shape of the keys is driven by human factor considerations for size and visibility in the shower. Illumination symbols were created specifically with low-light environments in mind. The pressure and feel of the switches came from bench-marking premium automotive electronic controls with a high-quality feedback attribute.

“It was our intention to develop a luxurious shower experience in both look and feel, while making it completely customizable to the user’s needs,” says Ward. “All of these thoughtful considerations are what sets Moen apart and make the U by Moen shower the shower of the future – available today.”


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