Welcome to the next generation of SILGRANIT®

With over 30 years of manufacturing and development in Canada, the SILGRANIT® material evolution and legacy continues to improve. SILGRANIT® is a patented material made of (up to 80%) natural granite that combines the textural beauty of natural stone with the smooth look and feel of granite.

Today, SILGRANIT® is the worlds’ leading coloured kitchen sink material choice. Its strength and durability are achieved thanks to high-quality acrylic bonds mixed with ultra-fine granite through a very precise process.

  • Easy to clean: Its’ non-porous, smooth surface is formulated to wick away moisture – which means no tough stains! Liquids cannot penetrate the sink’s surface, making it extremely low maintenance.
  • Scratch, heat and impact resistant: no need to worry about heavy duty kitchen work in these sinks. The material can withstand temperatures up to 280°C (536°F) – this exceeds common boiling, baking or broiling temperatures. It can also handle extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Hygienic and food friendly: non-porous, repellent surface features the patented Hygienic+Plus protection formula that does not absorb liquids, bacteria or odours, and reduces the relevant bacteria growth by up to 98%.
  • Non-fading: SILGRANIT® colours will stay rich and beautiful for many years and will not fade due to sun exposure or everyday wear and tear.



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