Investing in electrical wiring services adds more value to your home. The electrical panel is responsible for safely and conveniently providing power throughout the entire house. Over time, it can become old or outdated. At which point, an electrical panel upgrade should be considered. Check out the below benefits to upgrading your electrical panel.

Depending on your specific needs, you have a range of options when completing an electrical panel upgrade. For instance, you may choose to add a few additional circuit breakers to the existing box. Or, another option is to expand the box with a subpanel. Adding more breakers is usually a pretty quick job. Though, installing a subpanel can take a few hours. In order to ensure your specific needs are met, it’s best to consult with a professional electrical contractor.

3 Benefits to Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Better electrical performance. Dealing with flickering lights or tripping breakers? You’ll be pleased when your electrical panel upgrade provides you with a more consistent energy supply.

Improved safety. New electrical panels are designed with safety in mind and have come a long way. Panels built 30 years ago just don’t have the same safety protection. Did you know that overloading your electrical panel is a major fire hazard? An electrical panel upgrade will resolve any dangerous issues. Therefore, improving home safety and providing peace of mind.

Future growth. Are you planning on expanding your home or completing a renovation? Upgrading your electrical panel increases your home’s electrical capacity. So, whether planning to add a new addition or more basement outlets, you’ll be better prepared for future growth.

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