Build a Colour Scheme that Flows

Although it may be easier to paint your entire home in one colour – it is not the ONLY option to achieve harmony. Changing colours from room to room can be a very effective way to define space, draw attention to focal points and to add personality and style to your home. So, how do you create a colour scheme that transitions smoothly from room to room? Here are 5 tips to help you build a colour scheme that flows. Tips to Build a Colour Scheme that Flows 1. Limit your palette. Although harmony can be somewhat subjective, a good rule of thumb is to choose 3-5 colours with a similar tonal value.  Choosing paint colours from ONE collection is a great way to start.  My suggestion is always Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Collection since the colours were designed from the get-go to work harmoniously. 2. Every element counts. Your palette…

1920s-era Home Update

Samantha and Greg Murray’s 1920s-era home needed a renovation. Their property neighbours a beach and quaint boardwalk. It’s just steps away from a variety of gardens, restaurants, grocers…