When you’re stuck at home, spending time outdoors can be like a mini retreat. Before COVID-19 sent us all home, you may have taken your patio for granted. Though, now that spring has arrived, you may be finding ways to enjoy it a little more this season. So, check out my tips to help you create a soothing outdoor sanctuary.

Outdoor Sanctuary7 Tips to Help You Create a Soothing Outdoor Sanctuary


First, when setting up my patio for the season, I start by having everything power washed. Therefore, it’s clean and ready for me to enjoy as soon as it’s warm enough to sit outside.


Creating a look and a feel outside, just like you would inside, makes your house feel even bigger! So, treat your outdoor patio just like an interior room. For instance, add a mirror, sofa table and accessories.


Change up your accessories to give your space a fresh feel. Also, I move my accessories around. In fact, they rotate throughout my house all year round. For this look, I was enchanted with my three fat candleholders and how great they look with my oversize faux coral. Plus, take advantage of any pretty touches you have on hand. My kale was flowering so I picked some for one of my hundreds of vases and vessels.


Organize outdoor entertaining basics like flatware and dishes in a caddy – even if you’re just entertaining your own family. You’ll be glad to have easy access for your al fresco dining.


If you’re working from home, take your home office outdoors. You’ll find me all summer long, working in my outdoor living room with my laptop.

6.  COZY TOUCHES in Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Include plenty of soft goods to create a cozy and inviting space. A blanket is perfect for those chilly evenings after the sun goes down. Plus, adding lots of throw pillows will create plenty of comfy spots to relax.


Finally, keep sun and exposure damage in mind when selecting pieces. For example, my x ottomans aren’t covered in outdoor fabric. They work outdoors all summer long because they’re kept under cover and don’t get wet. Though, they’ve definitely faded from sun exposure and will need to be re-done at some point! So, if you are especially fond of or emotionally attached to a specific piece, make sure to consider the possible damage it may face before placing it in your outdoor sanctuary.

Text and Design by Maria Killam | As seen in Canadian Home Trends’ 2021 Cottage & Outdoor Living Special Edition 

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