Lesley and Carolyn chose a 13-year-old home in a leafy neighbourhood to call their own. “The house had good bones. We bought it with the intention of renovating,” says Lesley.

“The home was a blank canvas,” Lesley recalls. Renovations on the two-story, four bedroom and 3 ½ bath home took four months. “We wanted to do the renovations early, and do them just once.”

Lesley and Carolyn’s kitchen is their home’s heart. “Eighty percent of the family’s time is spent in the family room off of the kitchen,” Lesley notes. More than just a pretty face, the kitchen with its elegant and ample storage, evokes a French patisserie. The kitchen’s open concept provides Lesley a wide view of their sons as they play in the adjoining family room.

“It was awesome to be trusted to run with the process,” recalls designer Evelyn Eshun of Evelyn Eshun Design Inc. Lesley and Carolyn had asked Evelyn for “three key elements in their kitchen: marble counters, navy blue and white cabinets, and an eating area integrated with the island.” They trusted Evelyn to deal with the details. “She whittled down the endless choices for us,” Lesley comments.

Elegant Kitchen Reno-02
Evelyn Eshun Interior Design

The classic, contemporary kitchen has practical beauty. The white cabinets along with the Statuario marble, which graces the island’s counter and table top, brighten the kitchen with an elegant, durable material. Stained blue, the maple wood cabinets, table and island bases provide a visual anchor to the kitchen’s white elements.

Elegant Kitchen Reno-03
Evelyn Eshun Interior Design

The kitchen’s Miele induction stove does not have an open flame nor does its surface heat up. This ensures that children’s fingers aren’t put at risk.

Sparkling metal faucets, cabinet handles, appliances and the delicate pendant lighting echo the marble backsplash’s silvery glints. “I like to choose a backsplash that makes a statement. It’s a great tool for expressing a touch of personality and artistic flair,” Evelyn states.

“We got everything we wanted and dreamt of,” Lesleys says.

“We trusted Evelyn’s view and expertise. She was a big picture thinker,” Lesley recalls. She advises, “Be picky about the important things and let other things go.” Evelyn enjoyed the process as well. “They trusted me and my team. We planned on our end and they were flexible.”

The silver and glass accents in the kitchen, along with the simple but sophisticated lighting, create a sense of bright lightness in a space that may welcome 8 to 10 people for Sunday dinner including friends, family and neighbours.

“We love our kitchen; it is a bridge between traditional and modern,” Lesley says happily. “It’s appropriate for 40 years ago and 40 years from now.”

Evelyn’s Handy Tips:

  • Incorporate a custom hood to add a contemporary, professional look in your design.
  • Use a pot and pan drawer that fully extends to increase functional storage space.
  • Use different table heights to create added functionality. (30” for dining, 36’’ for a work area and 42” for a stand-up bar).

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