I have an older forced-air gas furnace. How can I enhance its efficiency and keep it operating safely throughout the winter?

As the coldest months of the year fall upon us, a furnace may operate for up to 15 hours a day. In order to ensure its safe and efficient operation, proper care and maintenance is your best defense against unsafe conditions
or non-performance.

Follow the guidelines below to keep your furnace operating safely and efficiently.

  • To reduce fuel consumption by 20 percent, install a programmable thermostat to allow the furnace to operate at lower temperatures when the home is not occupied, or while you are sleeping
  • Clean or replace furnace filters every two months or as required
  • Keep combustible materials or obstructions away from the furnace area
  • Keep cold air returns and heat distribution vents free and clear of obstructions to allow proper flow of air
  • Ensure that an adequate supply of combustion air is available for the appliance to function properly.
  • Combustion air is the air that mixes with fuel to allow combustion to occur
  • Have a professional clean your ducting properly every three to five years
  • Contact a licensed, qualified heating contractor each year to perform routine service and maintenance as per manufacturer’s specifications

In addition, consider replacing your forced-air gas furnace with a high efficiency model. Did you know that for every $1 that is spent on gas for a conventional forced-air gas furnace, approximately 30 cents goes up the chimney, while every dollar that is spent on gas for a high efficiency furnace results in the loss of 10 cents or less? Upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace can provide a substantial cost savings for a homeowner.

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