It’s important to ensure your renovation is a success with your neighbours too. With all the details there are to consider during renovations, the well-being of your neighbours may be far down on your list. But keeping them happy throughout the process is not only neighbourly; it’s in your best interest as well.

Successful renovations can contribute to the overall vitality of your neighbourhood and have positive effects on property values for you and your neighbours. To ensure your project is a success with your neighbours, you should take the following steps.

Steps to Ensure Your Renovation is a Success with Your Neighbours

Key to a Successful Renovation is Communication

This element is crucial for a successful; consistent communication with your neighbours throughout your project ensures that they are fully aware of your plans and have a chance to voice any questions or concerns with you directly.

  • Inform your neighbours of your renovation plans either in writing or by visiting them personally.
  • Give them an idea of how long you expect the project will take.
  • Provide them with contact information for any concerns about the project and in case of an emergency.
  • Post the building permit in a prominent area on your property.

Be a Good Neighbour.  Be Considerate.

Take steps to limit the impact your renovation project has on your neighbourhood. This will keep your neighbours satisfied and help you avoid City Bylaw violations.

  • Clean up the construction site on a regular basis to prevent it from becoming a health and safety hazard, and from being an eyesore.
  • Remove any mud that gets tracked onto your neighbour’s or city property.
  • Obtain a Street Occupation Permit if any dumpsters or bins utilize an area off your property line.
  • Observe the Noise Bylaws and operate equipment only on Monday-Friday (7AM-7PM, Saturday (9AM-7PM), and not on Sundays or statutory holidays.

Keep it Safe for a Successful Renovation

Maintain high safety standards to avoid any injury to your family, your neighbours and workers, and to avoid getting fined or having your project shut down.

  • Do not interrupt existing neighbourhood services. Locate underground services before you dig by contracting local authorities.
  • Contact authorities when working near power lines to have them.
  • Enclose your worksite with fencing to restrict access and prevent injury.
  • Protect your neighbour’s property, as well their trees and landscaping (and your own!).
  • Place portable toilets out of sight and away from your neighbours’ property.
  • Ensure that no vehicles are blocking driveways or laneways.

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