The purchase or repair of a heating, cooling or ventilation system is a major investment. Additionally, this type of home upgrade or maintenance has a direct impact on our daily comfort. Therefore, finding a qualified HVAC contractor deserves careful consideration, research and expertise.

More often than not, homeowners do not distinguish one HVAC contractor from another on anything but price. Though, the lowest price is not always the best value. Firstly, due to safety concerns. Secondly, there’s an increase in costs when heating or cooling a home without the proper equipment. So, due diligence is required when finding a qualified HVAC contractor.

Tips to Finding a Qualified HVAC Contractor

Maximize your comfort, safety and peace of mind. Plus, minimize your operating costs down the road. Be sure to deal only with qualified, professional HVAC contractors. So, how can you be sure an HVAC contractor is qualified?

There are some obvious red flags to look for when shopping for an HVAC contractor. For example, qualified HVAC contractors will:

  • not quote prices over the phone without first assessing your job on-site;
  • not request large cash advances prior to the delivery of any equipment or materials’
  • readily provide a full business address as well as a telephone number where the company can be reached;
  • be happy to offer the names and addresses of customers they have done work for in your area.

Your own due diligence is important when finding a qualified HVAC contractor. Member contractors will mention and display the HRAI logo. HRAI requires its contractor members to carry relevant trade, fuel safety and applicable licenses. Also, worker’s compensation and liability insurance. You may be surprised to learn that many contractors simply don’t bother with licensing or insurance. They may pass on lower costs to you up front. Though, you could end up paying much more over time. Not only financially, but in terms of your family’s comfort, health, safety and peace of mind.

For more consumer tips and information, visit HRAI’s Consumer Facebook Page.

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