March is here and Spring is in the air! But before you jump into your garden, here are my 5 P’s to help you get the spring back into your step!

1. Plan


March is the perfect time to take a look at your outdoor living space and plan how to maximize use of the space and create impactful colour through designing great gardens. This includes plotting out places to grow your own food. For larger projects consider hiring a landscape designer or landscape architect, the investment will be worth it and you will have a focused plan to implement over years to come!

2. Prepare


Sharpen lawn mower blades, tune up garden tools by cleaning off dirt and sterilizing blades of pruning shears. Do some research and find out the best plants or foods to grow for you that are also suitable to your garden’s conditions (sun, soil type etc.).

3. Prune


Prune off any broken branches or stems and clean up debris around the garden. Remember a clean garden is a healthy one!

4. Plant


It is still a little early to plant outdoors, but you can start your seeds indoors. Mid to end of March is the time to sow tomatoes indoors (6-8 weeks before the last frost for your area). If you are going thru gardening withdrawal pansies are an excellent frost hardy option that can be planted outdoors in late March or when temperatures dip just below the freezing mark (anything under -5c will harm

5. Patience


Take time to enjoy early spring and do not walk on lawns or gardens until they are firm underfoot. Walking on wet soil increases compaction, so for a great lawn, stay off until the ground is firm underfoot.

Frank Ferragine AKA “Frankie Flowers” is an award winning gardening expert and “weather specialist” on City’s morning show Breakfast Television in Toronto.

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