Home renovations can be very overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you navigate your way through a successful renovation. Refer to the below 8 steps to help you get the most out of your home reno.

8 Steps to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Home Reno

1.  Understand Why You’re Renovating

A home renovation is an investment. Understanding the value of your renovation is a good first step. Do you want to increase the selling price? Are you planning on staying put and enjoying the renovations for many years to come? Are you maintaining your property value by keeping your home in tip-top shape? Understand why you’re renovating.

2.  Determine Your Budget

Staying within an established renovation budget is crucial to a successful renovation. Set a clear budget and stay on budget when renovating. Your renovation budget should include products, materials, labor and a little extra set aside for unexpected expenses.

3.  Consider the Right Types of Home Professionals

So, you’ve decided on the nature, scope and budget of your home renovation. Now it’s time to consider the right types of home professionals for your situation.

4.  Hire Trusted Professionals

Hiring a trusted home professional is key to a successful home renovation. When looking for a home professional, obtain referrals, verify references and hire local. In addition, get written estimates from at least 3 contractors. Focus on their qualifications and confirm that they are licensed and insured.

5.  Create a Renovation Contract

To help ensure a stress-free home renovation it’s very important that you and your home professional are on the same page. Communicate clearly. All aspects of the renovation should be put in writing. Creating a detailed renovation contract will protect the interests of both you and your contractor should future complications arise.

6.  Remember the Final Phase

When your renovation is nearing completion, it’s only natural that you’ll be anxious to get your life back in order. You’ll do anything to expedite the process. But not too fast. There may be a few renovation details that might have been missed; items that still need finishing, fixing or replacing. Don’t forget the final phase of the renovation process.

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8.  Sit Back and Enjoy Your Renovation!

And maybe even start dreaming about your next project.

Refer to the eRenovate Renovation Guide to help you get the most out of your home renovation.

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