The past year has forced us all to refocus our efforts inwardly, specifically toward our homes. We now expect them to work harder for us and our families than they ever have before. It is this evolution that has had the biggest impact on home design trends for this year and into winter 2021.

3 Main Home Design Trends I See Continuing into the Next Year:

1. Multi-functional Living

Let’s face it, we’ve been stuck living in closed quarters for quite some time and the need for a space to function in more than one way has never been more important! As a result, our spaces need to be multipurpose and functional. Dinner tables are now classrooms for children and living rooms are home offices.

  • Customized Design:  Living room fireplaces built-ins, floor-to-ceiling shelving and creative storage solutions are all long-term investments that will drastically improve how spaces both look and function. Closed storage options are your best friend!
  • Transformative Furniture:  The Internet has provided access to so many types of multi-functional furniture pieces ranging from fold-up tables that transition into desks to a single stool that transforms into a bench. Homeowners want pieces that are versatile and adaptable.
  • Multi-purpose Pieces:  Ottomans, poufs, footstools, essentially pieces that can be used for more than one purpose are gaining traction so that we can decrease or increase our living footprint as required. A square ottoman with storage makes a great coffee table with the addition of a tray, or another spot for seating.

2. Restorative Spaces

The desire for Zen and restorative spaces has gained major traction in the past year. At Louis Duncan-He Designs, our focus is on creating spaces that are authentically connected to each homeowner and are restorative to the heart and soul.

  • Soft Pastel and Spa-like Colours:  Think teals, soft greens along with gentle blush and earth tones. Any palette that mimics the call of the ocean or earth are sure to have a direct impact on your mental health.
  • Natural Textures:  Incorporating elements like unfinished wood, touches of rattan and wicker are all perfect and harmonious accents to further heighten the Zen vibe.
  • Beautiful Botanicals:  Living plant walls, lush planters (both indoor and outdoor) and beautiful botanicals not only purify the air, but also add the perfect touch of Mother Nature. If you don’t have a green thumb, a great tip is to use faux plants and mix them in with real ones.

3. Wall Coverings

Throughout the years, wallpaper has really gotten a bad rep, however, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to make the biggest impact with the least number of resources. Anytime you can add a drastic amount of colour, texture or a decorative quality without adding in physical pieces creates a more powerful and fluid design narrative.

  • Textural:  Grass cloth, beaded and even dimensional wallpaper have all been making a major comeback. Wallpaper doesn’t need to just be dictated by pattern—it can actually be used to inject texture and richness.
  • Murals Galore:  The great thing about murals is that you can truly bridge the gap between wallpaper and art. Some papers look great up-close, but when used in a larger scale, the repetitive pattern can be a little too artificial looking. Murals are a beautiful way to add drama and chicness to a space.

Regardless of the multitude of design trends we’ll see this fall as a result of this past year, the most important piece they all revolve around is the need to elicit more joy, spark additional growth and soothe our souls. That’s the magic of the home—it’s the one area we can have control over in a world that has become more unpredictable.

By Louis Duncan-He, Principal Designer + Creative Director at Louis Duncan-He Designs | Produced by RENO & DÉCOR

Launched in 1990, RENO & DECOR is Canada’s Home Idea Book, inspiring readers with the latest in tips and trends for their decorating and renovating.

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