Enbridge is proud to offer the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program which provides incentives of up to $1,600 to qualified homeowners. This program helps homeowners improve their home’s energy efficiency while lowering their energy bills. You will use less, do more, and free up your savings for the important things in life.

Criteria to Qualify for the HEC Program:

1)  Have an active Enbridge Gas Account. The account must be in good standing and the primary heat source for the home must be natural gas.

2)  Reside in one of the designated qualifying communities listed below:enbridge-hec-service-areas_01


3)  Use one of the following Enbridge approved Certified Energy Auditors (CEA):

  • The Home Inspectors Group Inc.: 647-792-0276 or toll free 1-866-907-9206
  • Pro Home and Building Inspections Inc.: 416-651-7778 or toll free 1-844-401-SAVE (7283)
  • Canada Energy Audit Ltd.: 416-822-6524 or toll free 1-888-298-9458
  • EnerTest Corporation: 1-705-327-1504 or toll free 1-877-327-1504

4)  Complete at least two of the following nine upgrades as recommended by the CEA and achieve a minimum 25% annual gas savings.*

  1. Attic insulation upgrade
  2. Window replacements
  3. Wall insulation upgrade
  4. High-Efficiency Space heating system installation (gas furnace/boiler)
  5. Basement wall insulation upgrade
  6. High-Efficiency Water heating system installation (gas)
  7. Exposed Floor Insulation
  8. Drain Water Heat Recovery system installation
  9. Air sealing (minimum reduction of at least 10% as measured by a blower door test)

5)  Complete pre- and post-energy audits from the same Enbridge approved CEA by November 30, 2016.


*Gas savings are based on approved modeling software. Energy audit vouchers cannot be used or combined with multiple offers or programs. Only one enrollment for incentive per household is permitted.

Check out knowyourenergyscore.ca to learn more about this great energy conservation program.

Tom Cordeiro

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