A well-planned basement finishing project will provide for great family enjoyment as well as being a sound investment. Poorly planned and improperly finished basements may satisfy immediate needs but could negatively impact on the sale value of your home. When planning your basement project, consider the below important basement project processes.

Consider 5 Important Basement Project Processes

1. Planning

Remember – you are the principal planner in any home improvement project. Good owners have good projects.

 2. Final Design

Whether you do the design yourself or hire a professional, you should always have at least two different floor plans to choose from.

3. Contracting Your Basement Project

Most of us have never been the owner of a multi-thousand-dollar construction project. There is much to know. A proper contract will establish the expectation levels between you and the building contractor.

Firstly, key elements of the contract must include a clear itemization of construction specifications. To clarify, a description of what is being built, along with the materials and manufactured products to be procured and installed. A construction specification is analogous to a good food recipe.

Secondly, payment terms are a vital component of any construction contract. Progress payments should be properly weighted so that you pay for value provided as the project progresses. The payment schedule should not benefit one party over the other. Remember, it is Ontario Law that you can hold back 10% of the total project cost for 47 days after the date of completion to check that all sub-contractors have been paid.

4. Project Implementation

The basement project construction should go smoothly if it has been properly planned. Keep in mind that there are always surprises, delays etc.

5. Final Basement Project Inspection

Finally, when one spends tens of thousands of dollars on any home improvement project. Therefore, it’s always prudent to have a final quality control inspection. An independent third party should perform the inspection on your completed basement project. Registered Home Inspectors are ideally suited to perform this task for you.

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