How Can Insulation Help You Save Money?

Adding insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to save on energy costs. According to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), a well-insulated and air-sealed home “sometimes pays for itself in less than a year and continues to payback for the life of the house.” Your savings potential depends on a number of variables, including the level of insulation before and after the upgrade, and the energy performance of the other building components in your roof, walls, and floors.

A home energy evaluation, like EnerGuide, will measure your home’s overall energy performance and indicate which renovations would save you the most on your energy bill, and show you how your home’s energy performance compares with other homes in your area. As a first step, the evaluation will help you prioritize and make informed decisions on which upgrades to invest in, or help you make a decision on which home to buy.

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Now is the time to be thinking about energy savings. Most homes in Canada are leaking energy – and therefore money. These leaks can be plugged by adding insulation and air sealing, which will tame the skyrocketing costs that go along with them.[i]

Homes built in 2009 or earlier are significantly losing energy in their attics and basements. Almost 80% of attics in these older homes are under-insulated by at least R-20 (RSI 3.52), and about 85% of basements are under-insulated by at least R-5 (RSI 0.88).[ii]

[i] Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.
[ii] Proskiw, G. (2016) Defining Opportunities for Upgrading Under-Insulated Houses in the Existing Canadian Housing Stock


For more information on high performing building envelopes and expert tips on how to install insulation, visit NAIMA Canada.

North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) Canada promotes energy efficiency and environmental preservation through the use of fibre glass, rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and encourages the safe production and use of these materials.

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