$25,000 Deposit Payment Protection. 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee.

The eRenovate Guarantee is the first and only renovation and home improvement Guarantee. We stand behind Verified by eRenovate™ Pros; contractors who are now bonded by eRenovate. When you hire a Verified Pro, you now get even more renovating peace of mind with the introduction of eRenovate Guarantee!

How the eRenovate Guarantee Works

Start by using the Post My Project tool to tell us what you need, and then we’ll match your project with 3 Verified and Bonded Pros. After you receive quotes and are ready to hire the Verified Pro of your choice, log into the eRenovate Platform and click the “Hire With Guarantee” button.

This brings you to the easy-to-use Project Scope process on eRenovate which helps you and your Verified Pro stay organized during the project and keep track of all key project details and milestones.

What the eRenovate Guarantee Covers

The eRenovate Guarantee consists of two key elements:

  • Up to $25,000 Deposit Payment Protection, and/or
  • The 88 Day Workmanship Guarantee

Deposit Payment Protection covers your deposit payment to the Verified Pro you hired via eRenovate to start the project, in the event that the Pro disappears or misappropriates the deposit funds.

The Workmanship Guarantee ensures any workmanship issues reported within 88 Days of project completion are resolved by the Verified Pro. The workmanship issues must be related to the Project Scope performed by the Verified Pro you hired via eRenovate, using the Project Scope process. The Workmanship Guarantee must be a result of services rendered based on the original contract you uploaded to the Project Scope. Add-on projects or future projects not requested through the eRenovate platform, even if completed by a Verified Pro, are not covered.

Click here to see How it Works. Everyday more and more homeowners are using Post a Project to connect with Verified and Bonded by eRenovate Pros because we stand behind their work! Peace of Mind meets Renovating… Finally!

Renovating. Guaranteed. Connect with Verified by eRenovate™ Contractors by using the eRenovate Post My Project tool.


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