So you think you want modern, but not too edgy; you want something shapely, but you also want the bathroom to feel current. Enter Tesla, the suite that feels contemporary yet classic, thanks to a little help from Mother Nature. When you’re done fawning over the handle (oh, that joystick!), read on: This is everything you oughta know about our curviest collection yet.

4 Things You Should Know About Tesla

1. It was Inspired by a Butterfly

Delta Faucet product designer Jordan Bahler took cues from nature’s prettiest insect to create the line. “When I started sketching Tesla, I had a sketch of a butterfly nearby; the antennae were sticking out,” Bahler recalls. “Someone on the team saw the faucet sketch and said it looked like the butterfly. The antennae became the basis for the soft, contemporary but natural feel.” The single-handle joystick faucet came first; its gentle slopes gave rise to the rest of the suite. On the dual-handle faucet, the smooth, fluid shape of the spout repeats on the handles and generates a more integrated lift rod; those same curves are echoed in a hand shower that’s comfortable to hold.

2. It’s the First Delta Faucet to Feature a Joystick

“Joystick faucets started in Europe,” Bahler says, “and we knew we wanted to implement a joystick model but didn’t want to do a Euro-modern design.” The Tesla collection’s more organic modernity made it a good fit. “The geometric modern joystick faucet has its place, but the hard lines are very masculine. We wanted to bring the technology to a warmer, cozier aesthetic.” The joystick works as you’d imagine: Pull it forward to turn the water on, push it back to turn it off; left for hot water, right for cold.

3. You Don’t Have to Touch the Faucet to Turn it On

Sure, you can use your hand to turn on the water, but when your mitts are soapy, slippery or otherwise dirty, you need backup: Enter our hands-free Touch2O.xt Technology. Tap the faucet anywhere on the spout or joystick, and the water flows; or place your hands within 4 inches of the faucet, and the water turns on. Remove your hands, and the water automatically shuts off within seconds. Water conservation at its finest!

4. Tesla is More Than Faucets

Tesla represents Bahler’s first full bathroom collection—and she went all out. The suite also includes lighting, towel bars, showerheads, a tissue holder and even a toilet-tank lever. Her favorite pieces? The V-shaped double robe hook and the single light sconce, both creative spins on Tesla’s signature curve.


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