Take a tour of a home that represents modern glamour style in home design. When given the mandate to stylize an interior space following a modern glamour design direction, it is best to understand what represents “modern” and “glamour”. Modern style means clean lines and a monochromatic colour palette. In addition, it  harmonizes well with glass and metal accents. Alternatively, glamour style incorporates layers of rich textures, lavish details and luxurious accents. For instance, glamour is represented with an Art Deco flair in this home designed by House of Layth.

Representation of Modern Glamour Style in Home Design

First Impressions

A marble floor inlay welcomes you into the home. It’s an oversized, herringbone-patterned, mosaic tile. A darker contrast stone frames the marble floor inlay. Plus, a polished chrome trim offers the finishing touch. The simplicity of the layering and scale factors bring forth a modern sensibility, but with a hint of Art Deco glamour.

Front Foyer
Foyer offers a modern sensibility with a hint of Art Deco glamour.

Dining Room Drama

The dramatic look of the dining room resonates from several carefully orchestrated design elements. Firstly, the ceiling height transition, from a single- to a double-height interior, separated by a framed archway. Secondly, the expansive wall trim follows an alternating, proportional rhythm and stretches as far as they are allowed. The trim frame accentuates the exaggerated ceiling height. And, because they’re uninterrupted, they bring a modern feel to the traditional detail.

Dining Room
Dining room’s antique mirror panels offer a modern, opulent look.

Within the mainframe, antique mirror panels are inlaid to form a super-sized mirror surface. This contributes to both a modern and an opulent look. Plus, the Art Deco-inspired chandeliers offer another opportunity to add dazzle and sparkle to the interior composition. These fixtures are further enhanced by adding a 19th-century old styling solution called chandelier socks, to adorn and conceal the fixtures’ chain suspension. This turns the suspension system into a feature. Additionally, it conveys a silhouette emphasizing the double story height drop. The sapphire jewel-toned, velvet-covered dining chairs punctuate the Art Deco feel.  They add rich texture that ties the whole look together.

Modern Glamour Style in the Gallery

In the great room, or the gallery, as we like to call it, furniture groupings define the space. Additionally, millwork features on both ends of the wall work as an anchor. There’s a definite aura of modernity to the gallery. The curtain box conceals the draperies and supporting hardware. We repeat finishes, tones and details from other rooms. For instance, the monolithic fireplace slab cladding references the dining room’s mirror panels. Both are expansive in scale. It’s all about creating a cohesive look from room to room. An interior designer can help you achieve this.

The Great Room
Fireplace slab references the dining room’s mirror panels.

Streamlined Kitchen

Kitchen appliances are integrated into furniture-like cabinets. For example, the panelled refrigerator, dishwasher and barista-approved coffee machine. Therefore, giving the kitchen a seamless, streamlined look. The colour palette is neutral. Soft grey tones paired with classic white, natural wood elements. Plus, pops of silver appear in the hardware and lighting.

Furniture-like cabinets give the kitchen a streamlined look.

Modern Details

Furniture and accessories in the hallway complement the modern interior. For example, the bench and artwork. When it comes to art, a pro tip is to consider white frames. They make the canvas look brighter. Even though the artwork has a formal frame, it effortlessly blends into the white walls for a weightless effect.

Modern Details
Bench and artwork in the hallway complement the modern interior.

So, whether you’re looking for a modern glamour style or something else, understanding the design concept is key. Proper planning and research helps to ensure you’re incorporating the right design elements and principals into your renovation design.

By Layth Raoof, Founder and Creative Lead at House of Layth | Photography by Christie Vuong | Produced by RENO & DÉCOR

Launched in 1990, RENO & DECOR is Canada’s Home Idea Book, inspiring readers with the latest in tips and trends for their decorating and renovating.

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