Is your home office a separate room with 4 walls and a door? Or is it a niche carved into another living space? These days “working from home” looks and feels different for all of us. Though, the many diversions at home are certainly a common thread. So, finding focus in your home office space, whatever form it takes, is critical. Here are some tips to choosing paint colours that work with you at home.

Choosing Paint Colours that Work with You at Home

Blank Canvas. A balance of calm colour with some invigorating accents creates the perfect atmosphere for concentration and creativity. Pale, neutral wall colours are a favourite for home offices and any space you want to be distraction-free. Not only are they calming, but they make great backdrops for other wall necessities. For instance, shelving, pin-boards and artwork. Thunder AF-685, Collingwood OC-28, and Simply White OC-117 are some of my favourite neural wall colours.

Colour Intensity. Neutral doesn’t have to be limited to white, greys and beiges. In fact, many hues can be neutral as it’s the intensity of the colour that we really tune into.  Lower chroma colours, or colours that appear muted, greyed or veiled, tend to feel more serene and relaxed.  Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection and Affinity Colour Collection are great resources for a curated selection of lower chroma colours.

Nature’s Neutrals. Blues and greens are mother nature’s favourite neutrals. Think sea, sky, grass and trees. Greens, in particular, are very soothing and encourage focus and productivity. Moreover, the green family is known to be the most comfortable for your eyes to process. Therefore, if you spend the majority of your day staring at a screen, green is a great home office colour option. So, bring in the green with wall colour, plants and fresh cut flowers. A few of my favourite green colours for a home office are Louisburg Green HC-113, Flora AF-470 and Wind Chime AF-465.

Balancing Act. Choosing paint colours that work with you at home is a balancing act. While neutrals promote a calm, efficient work environment, hits of higher chroma colour bring energy to the space. Just be strategic about placement of colour in a home office. Consider painting an intense colour on the ceiling or a side wall that’s not constantly in your view. Unless, of course, you really need a jolt! Also, in a neutral space, a touch of vibrant colour in desk accessories and wall art can spark creative juices.

Home Office
Balance calm colours with invigorating accents to create the perfect home office atmosphere.

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By Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Colour and Design Expert and regular guest on CityTV’s Cityline.

Benjamin Moore’s vision is to inspire and transform our homes, our communities, and our lives one brushstroke at a time.

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