When autumn officially makes itself known with cooler conditions, it’s a signal to tidy up your home’s exterior. Here are 6 outdoor home maintenance tips to prepare your home’s exterior for the changing season.

6 Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for the Changing Season

Improve Exterior Lighting

Your backyard probably has lots of twinkly lights and lanterns for summer evenings. But, does your front yard have enough light sources? Daylight hours begin to lessen in the autumn. Therefore, ensure that walkways, the front entrance and above the garage are well-lit for safety – and ambience.

Seed. Trim. Protect Your Plants.

It’s time to seed the lawn, trim bushes and take care of the rest of your landscaping. Remember to cover any tree trunks, shrubs, or flowers that need extra protection from the cold (or critters).

Turn Off Outdoor Taps

Turn off outdoor taps to prevent them from freezing and potentially bursting. Sprinkler systems should also be drained to prevent similar issues.

Weather Proof Windows and Doors

Check the seals on windows and doors. Broken or damaged weather seals will allow cold air to quickly seep in and warm air to escape. Therefore, to avoid unnecessarily high heating costs, fix or replace the weather stripping on drafty windows and doors.

Clean Eavestroughs and Gutter

Clean the eavestroughs and gutters to protect your home from serious and expensive water-related damages. Consider hiring a professional. They’ll also check all seams and leaks, flush downspouts to prevent clogging, and make sure everything drains properly

Prep Winter Tools in the Autumn

Get those winter tools ready while the temperatures are still fairly pleasant, rather than scrambling when the first storm hits. Stow your lawnmower away after the grass gets cut for the last time. Then, put the snowblower, shovels, ice scrapers, and salt in a more convenient location.

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