There is an ever growing importance of sustainable living due to the harsh realities being experienced by our planet earth. For those who dream of a greener home to help save costs and the earth, the solution is not far away. Homeowners can turn their current home into an ideal energy efficient, utility saving, sustainable haven with some smart renovations.

Use Energy Smart Appliances

Homeowners should first consider replacing outdated appliances with new energy efficient ones. Older systems for refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines use more energy to run effectively which can rack up utility bills and create more waste. Investing in new models that are energy smart can save costs on gas and electric bills in the long run.

Invest in Energy Efficient Skylights

Invest in a skylight for your home. Not only do skylights add natural light and invigorating fresh air to any home but they are an ideal renovation for energy efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.  Solar powered or electric venting models can help your air conditioners work more efficiently in the summer by simply opening your skylight to allow the hot air to escape at the highest point in your home.  Another great benefit to skylights manufactured  today is the advanced quality of glass.  Today’s skylight glass, like the ones from VELUX allows 60 percent less solar heat gain in the summer, while also losing 50 percent less heat in winter.

Skylights are an ideal renovation for energy efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

Install Energy Saving Window Coverings

Good blinds can also improve the thermal efficiency of skylights. VELUX offers solar powered blinds that operate by a remote control and can be programmed.  This program-ability allows you to open and close blinds at specific times of the day, or for specific periods of time. The result is the ability to increase natural light and keep your home warm in the winter and diffuse or block out the sun during its strongest hours to ensure your home stays cool in the summer.  Imagine waking up to natural light instead of an alarm clock.

VELUX solar powered blinds operate by a remote control and can be programmed.

Consider these smart renovations and updates to improve your cost savings in the long run, and make your home more environmentally friendly.


For energy savings and skylight solutions for your home visit VELUX.


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