Outdoor lighting changes the ordinary into the extraordinary; creating a lovely ambience to your outdoor living space.

Exterior lighting has evolved for the better over the years. Today, most deck lighting is based on LED technology. LED lighting burns much cooler. Due to this fact you may now place lighting in areas which were considered unsafe in the past. For example, under railings and in stair risers and rail caps. All areas which usually provide indirect lighting.


Benefits of Today’s Outdoor Lighting

  • They don’t attract insects the way hot lights do.
  • They are much more energy efficient.
  • They can be controlled by a dimmer so you can create the mood that you want. This also lets you turn down the brightness as the evening gets late.
  • They can be put on a timer—especially since they are much more energy efficient.
  • They are weather proof.


There are practical reasons to add outdoor lighting to your home and deck as well. Pathways and stairways are made safer with the addition of outdoor lighting. Your home is also more secure with outdoor lighting. But most of all, it enhances your deck space; somehow making it a nicer place to hang out. In our book, that’s a pretty good reason to install outdoor lighting.

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Photos courtesy of Trex and TimberTech | Both available from Benchmark Building Services Inc.

Rosario Ungaro, founder of Benchmark Building Services Inc., combines his commitment to traditional craftsmanship with the latest in building materials and techniques to bring your interior and exterior home renovation visions to life.


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