‘Tis the season for decorating your home for the holidays! However, the age-old question must be asked… should I buy a fake or a real Christmas tree? I have a few things for you to consider before you make your move this holiday season. For instance, which option is the most environmentally friendly? So, let’s talk FAKE versus REAL Christmas trees. Watch this video to hear my considerations on the question, should I buy a fake or real Christmas tree?

Benefits of Fake Christmas Trees

  • You don’t have to worry about them drying out or losing needles. Therefore, you can keep them up all year if you want!
  • You can get them pre-lit. So, no worries about untangling strings of Christmas lights.
  • Fake Christmas trees are more convenient to put up. However, many feel that going to choose a fresh, real Christmas tree is part of the Christmas experience.
  • A fake Christmas tree will last forever. Though, unfortunately, even in a landfill.
  • Many condominiums and apartment buildings will only allow fake Christmas trees. Because, if allowed to dry out, real Christmas trees can become a serious fire hazard.

Benefits of Real Christmas Trees

  • Christmas trees are grown as crop in Canada and NOT taken from forests. The crops of young Christmas trees provide a unique “early successional habitat” for birds and mammals.
  • Canada grows 3 to 6 million Christmas trees annually on 34,600 hectares of land. Most importantly, one acre of Christmas trees will filter 13 tons of air pollution from the air each year and will produce enough oxygen for 18 people.
  • Christmas trees can be reused. For instance, they can be piled in natural areas to provide shelter for small mammals and birds over the winter. Also, municipalities collect Christmas trees and chip them to be used as mulch or compost. Plus, Conservation Authorities and other environmental groups use old Christmas trees for stream and fishery rehabilitation.

Frank Ferragine AKA “Frankie Flowers” is an award winning gardening expert and “weather specialist” on City’s morning show Breakfast Television in Toronto.

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Frankie Flowers

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