Spring fashions and gardening are not the only ways to bring joyous colour into our lives after a dreary, gray winter.   Pops of higher chroma colour can enliven both our spirits and our living spaces, indoors and out.  For our homes’ envelope, most of us lean to a neutral palette. However, items like furniture, accessories and even unexpected painted surfaces provide the perfect canvas to add a splash of energizing colour to your decorating!

Add a Splash of colour to your decorating this Spring!

UPCYCLE: Furniture is the perfect medium to express creativity and infuse some colour indoors and out. There’s no shortage of colourful fabrics and textiles. However, most furniture can easily be repainted to suit your changing design tastes. Before you dispose of older pieces, give them a second look and consider breathing some new life into them with a colour makeover and a new purpose. For interior glow-ups, opt for the hard, furniture-like finish of Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE® paint, available in four popular sheens, including matte and high gloss, to suit any furniture style from farmhouse to ultra-modern.

PORCH APPEAL: We always think about curb appeal, and while we want our home to look great from the street, it’s just as important that the private areas we enjoy feel like sanctuaries too! For instance, the porch and back patio. A porch ceiling is an unexpected place for a daring accent colour that adds some whimsy while you enjoy the view. Blue is a popular and traditional porch ceiling colour as it feels like an extension of the blue sky. Though, for a dose of sunshine 24/7, why not go for a bold gold? Also, shutters and front doors are focal points that can handle more daring colour choices than the home’s dominant cladding. So, consider a stronger contrast to highlight those architectural details.

COLOUR BLOCK: Try painting an accent colour in an unexpected place like a stair riser, a bookcase or display cabinet to bring spring inspired joy, energy and whimsy to your interior. If you’re hesitant but really want to try out a more daring colour option, start small with a washroom, ceiling or simply a colour block behind artwork or in a bedroom.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Consider hiring a professional painting contractor who can achieve a flawless finish on every one of your homes’ surfaces, inside and out. Hiring a professional will help you achieve beautiful results and has the added benefit of supporting small businesses in your community.

By Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore Colour and Design Expert and regular guest on CityTV’s Cityline.

Benjamin Moore’s vision is to inspire and transform our homes, our communities, and our lives one brushstroke at a time.

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