Spring is here and we can now start to envision a green and gently rolling lawn for our family to enjoy.  We all know the hard work that goes into lawn maintenance; weeding, watering, mowing and raking.  The constant demands of lawn care are often more than any of us can keep up with.

With the new state of the art approach from AGL Artificial Grass and Mulch, you can soon achieve your landscaping dreams and find your family surrounded by lasting beauty for a lifetime to come. AND it’s low maintenance!

Soft to the touch, pleasing to the senses, child friendly and even pet sensitive, AGL Artificial Grass and Landscaping has the technology to take your green spaces to a higher level, and enhance the enjoyment of your surroundings like never before.

Experienced Installation

With over 25 years of real world experience in the demanding world of Sport Field Construction, AGL and their parent company IC Improvements have developed specialized products and installation procedures to bring out the very best in the world you live in.

AGL Grass - Sport Field Construction
AGL Grass – Sport Field Construction

Made from Recycled, Durable Material

Each blade of grass is separately composed of Polyethylene, while the unique infill system is made from cryogenically frozen rubber granules derived from recycling. Together, this combination is not only resistant to the weather extremes of Canadian outdoors, but is also resistant to water, designed to be safe from the discoloration and damage of exposure UV rays, will not decay or breakdown, and best of all can be cleaned of leaves and debris as simply as sweeping off your porch.

From the first thaw of spring, to the extreme dry heat and water restrictions of summer, you’ll have a perfect showing lawn. This is AGL Grass.

AGL Mulch
AGL Grass – Mulch

Give your plants and landscaping the same level of dedicated protection with AGL Artificial Mulch. Designed from the same material as their recycled artificial infill, AGL Mulch is cut to wood-chip-sized dimensions, and is perfect around your plants, trees, gardens, and landscaping. Available in five natural colours, AGL Mulch will ensure that water reaches plant roots rather then getting trapped on the surface as it does with conventional mulches. Free from insect infestation, and also resistant to environmental erosion and UV rays, Artificial Mulch is a true improvement on the original.

AGL takes care of your project from start to finish, making sure that the job is done right the first time, and stays the way you want for all the years to come. From grading the area around your home and correcting any existing drainage issues to ensure that rainwater runs freely off, to completely installing your new lawn so that it exudes the lush, healthy appearance you’ve been looking for, AGL is dedicated to providing their clients with a strong lawn that is built to stand the test of time. With an available 8 year warranty available on both the product and the service, you’ll rest easy knowing you look your best in every season.

For a new, permanent, and perfect lawn, AGL isn’t just the right solution for your home, it’s your best investment in achieving a new, work-free style of life.


Looking to transform your landscaping? Visit AGL Grass and get inspired.

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