Canadian Home Trends DIY Editor, Nicholas Rosaci, shares some of his favourite patio ideas for summer!

1.  Colour Wheel

Save old tires from the landfill and create a trendy or a rather “thready” painted coffee table. Simply spray paint old tires in a whimsical hue and top with a glass table top to create a colourful showpiece!  ~ Project by Morgaine Ford-Workman

Green Gallery Wall
Green Gallery Wall

2.  Moss Masterpiece

Outdoor walls can often be flat and boring, so why not unleash your inner “artist” and create a “green gallery wall.” Inexpensive craft store frames and moss make an easy and chic first impression.  ~ Project by By Nature, Photo by Stephanie Rose

Beach Towel Pillows
Beach Towel Pillows

3. DIY Beach Towel Pillows

A designer beach towel is the ultimate accompaniment to a summer pool party and the patterns and prints are endlessly stylish. Why not have a few sewn up into soft and absorbent pillows for the patio?  ~ Project by HomeJelly

Urban Garden
Urban Garden

4. Planters that Pop

In this Brazilian home, soda pop bottles create a unique urban garden filled with chic greens. This garden hung horizontally is beautiful and practical.  ~ Photo by Allan Pollok-Morris


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