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What Consumers Need to Know About Door-to-Door Scammers

Think it’s safe to buy furnace and air conditioning equipment from a door-to-door salesperson?  Think again. Thousands of Canadians get deceived each year by untrustworthy salespeople coming to their door selling everything from air conditioning units to hot water tanks to new furnaces. They say they’re from a legitimate business or utility company and seem to have compelling proof – a name-tag or an official-looking clipboard. But in fact they are attempting to persuade unsuspecting homeowners to purchase products they don’t need, and at an inflated price. At this time of year they might tell you your air conditioning unit is outdated, against code, even contains dangerous refrigerants. They aim to frighten, and in some cases convince people to sign into multi-year rental or payment schemes that are impossible to get out of. You can protect yourself by checking to see if the seller has a well-marked vehicle and asking…