air sealing


Allow us to introduce the power of air sealing. Air sealing offers multiple benefits to homeowners. For instance, it’s a cost-effective solution to cut winter heating costs. Learn about air leakage, the problems it causes, and how air sealing can help. How Air Sealing Offers Multiple Benefits to Homeowners What is Air Leakage? Air leakage describes the process of outside air entering, and conditioned air leaving a home. In poorly sealed homes, this process unknowingly takes place through cracks and openings. If you’re wondering why your home still feels chilly and uncomfortable even with the heating on, you’re probably suffering from air leaks. What Problems Does Air Leakages Cause? Air leakage doesn’t just mean your heating system has to run longer and more often, resulting in unnecessarily high heating costs. Additionally, air leakage contributes to moisture problems. When moisture is carried into framing cavities, it causes mould and rot. This…