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Preventing Ice Dams

The Role of Insulation and Air Sealing in Preventing Ice Dams Do you see icicles dangling from your home’s roof or gutters? This could be a sign of a potentially costly problem. If you live in an area that experiences significant snowfall and cold temperatures, your home is a candidate for forming ice dams. What exactly is an ice dam and why is it a problem? An ice dam is formed from water that has accumulated at the edge of the roof. It is a problem for three reasons: If the ice dam forms on the eaves, it will impede ventilation of the attic.The ice dam can stop water from draining away, and if unfrozen, the water can cause mould, water leaks in the ceiling, or larger ice dams.In the spring, any ice in the attic will melt and potentially cause water damage, including dripping through the ceiling into the…