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Airborne Chemicals in Your Home

Protect yourself and your family. Be assured the air in your home is safe and free from airborne chemicals (VOCs). Have your indoor air quality professionally tested if you suspect you may have airborne chemicals in your home. WHAT ARE AIRBORNE CHEMICALS (VOCS)? Airborne chemicals are mainly comprised of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are a large class of organic, carbon-based chemicals and are present in the air in almost all buildings. Because they diffuse or vaporize at room temperature, VOCs can circulate freely throughout the air in your home. Some have no odour, however, so it is difficult to determine if they are present. VOCs can be caused from burning fuels, cooking food, using common housecleaning products, soaps, hair sprays, air fresheners, etc. VOCs can also be released into the air by new building materials, furnishings and equipment such as carpets, windows, wall and floor coverings, etc. HOW DOES THE…