ami mckay


This oceanfront home in Eagle Harbor is home to a mother and daughter. They wanted a peaceful, calm space that would feel like a hug. The finished home gives you the feeling you would get when walking through a beautifully designed Japanese garden. Take a tour of this cozy oceanfront home makeover. Tour a Cozy Oceanfront Home Makeover Inviting Front Foyer For the entrance, we chose a fun, light coloured tile that creates a more inviting feel. We used the same tiles in the powder room since it is visible from the entrance. Budget Friendly Kitchen Refresh To give the home a complete update while remaining on budget, we focused on repairing and refreshing the existing kitchen rather than doing a complete renovation. We started by painting the existing cabinetry to give the space a fresh feel. We then installed new lighting and replaced the island countertop, tiles, faucet, hardware…