andrea colman


Make Your Space Warm and Cozy

Designer Andrea Colman offers expert advice on how to make your space warm and cozy. Have you ever noticed how some spaces seem so welcoming? What is it about them that invites people to linger? And, what is it that keeps them coming back? As a designer, my job is to ask these questions. In my experience, the answer is different for every client. Regardless of what “home” means, there are likely some common denominators. For instance, warm, cozy, comfortable, relaxing… you get the picture. There’s no magic pill to achieving a sense of warmth in the home. Though, there are strategic ways to contribute to this effortlessly deliberate, totally unmistakable look and feel. Here’s how to turn up the heat, to help any space feel more inviting. How to Make Your Space Warm and Cozy Physical Warmth This is the type of heat you can feel, experienced through physical…