Long icicles dangling elegantly from the edges of your roof are very pretty. Though, they are also an indication of potentially damaging ice dams. Want to prevent ice dams from wreaking havoc on your home this winter? Learn about how adding insulation prevents ice dams. How Adding Insulation Prevents Ice Dams What is an Ice Dam? An ice dam is caused when snow on your roof melts from escaped heat from your attic. Rather than just running off the roof, the water freezes again. A layer of ice forms under the snow, right at your eaves. As the process continues, the ice grows and can work its way under your shingles. Eventually even causing a leak. The freezing and thawing pattern can force shingles apart, push eavestroughs away from the soffits of your home and wreak havoc. How to Prevent Ice Dams The solution to preventing destructive ice dams is usually…