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Should You Move or Should You Renovate?

Should you move or should you renovate? It’s a question that most homeowners face at some point. Changes in life often require changes to one’s living situation. When deciding between moving and renovating, you should begin by answering the following questions. What are your motivations for wanting a change? Figure out why you feel the need to move or renovate – this can tell you a lot about your best course of action. For instance, if you’re simply not happy with your neighbourhood, a renovation cannot address this concern. Conversely, if you love your neighbourhood but desire a more modern aesthetic, a renovation can likely achieve this goal. Does renovating make financial sense? If you can attain your desired changes through a renovation, you should carefully outline your renovation plans to determine what the project would cost. The main cost concerns for any home renovation are the cost of labour,…

Control Renovation Dust

Spending additional time and money cleaning up accumulated renovation dust will detract from the satisfaction of the good project. As with other aspects of the renovation, proper renovation dust control…