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Fundamentals of Basement Construction

A well-planned basement finishing project will provide for great family enjoyment as well as being a sound investment. Poorly planned and improperly finished basements may satisfy immediate needs but could negatively impact on the sale value of your home. When planning your basement renovation, take into consideration the below fundamentals of basement construction. 8 Fundamentals of Basement Construction to Consider 1. Framing All of the new partition walls and bulkheads will be non-structural. Therefore, you may consider using metal studs or wooden 2”x 3” to save space and expense. 2. Insulation / vapor barrier / air leakage Extra insulation will no doubt be required. However, emphasis should be placed on improved vapor barrier and air leakage controls to maximize on comfort. 3. Electrical Considerations You may require a sub-panel to accommodate the new electrical demands. Consider locating the sub-panel in another location in the basement, the furnace room for example.…

Control Renovation Dust

Spending additional time and money cleaning up accumulated renovation dust will detract from the satisfaction of the good project. As with other aspects of the renovation, proper renovation dust control…