Wet Basements and Foundations

You don’t need to live in Venice to suffer the impact of a wet basement or foundation. After all, Canada’s extreme temperatures can cause issues for even the most solidly laid foundation. Ultimately, water is the biggest contributor to residential foundation movement. In turn, concrete foundation damage deteriorates property value. Most foundations are repairable, but expensive. Therefore, it’s important to learn about wet basements and foundations, and the warning signs when buying or selling a home. Wet basements and foundations: 5 things every realtor and homebuyer should know Why do basements leak? The soil surrounding foundations is loose post-excavation. Consequently, it’s easier for water to percolate through the soil and accumulate. This loose soil is packed against basement and foundation walls when constructed. As water accumulates in the soil, it seeps into walls and causes damage. How can I spot wet basement and foundation damage? Structural concerns include cracks, bowing,…