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Designer Space Blooms with Pops of Pink

Interior Designer Maria DeCotiis specializes in creating classic spaces with an edge. True to form is her home design project for a busy family of five. This designer space blooms with pops of pink and offers a comfortable, modern feel. Anthoni, Lina, and their three sons have lived in the home for over three years. It’s a three-story, 3,900 square foot home with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Lina says, “I wanted the space to feel comfortable on a daily basis for my family, but also to be roomy enough to accommodate when friends and family joined us.” “They wanted the home to feel sophisticated, yet still have a young vibe,” says Maria who also notes that the homeowners requested a large kitchen, a pass through to the dining room, two bathrooms on the main floor, and ample storage. The front foyer of the home boasts sky high ceilings, an…