Selecting a Stone Countertop

In the market for a new countertop? Whether it’s for your kitchen or your bathroom, stone is a great choice. Granite, marble, quartz, and other stones provide durable beauty. Here are some tips for selecting a stone countertop. 5 Tips for SELECTING a Stone Countertop 1. Choose a Thick Slab You’ll quickly discover that there are many choices to consider, from vein patterns to molding and customization. One of these decisions is the thickness of the stone. You may consider thinner pieces of ¾ inches, but these pieces tend to be more fragile and vulnerable to damages. Thicker pieces are less likely to crack and chip. Initially, you’ll pay more for an inch-thick slab of stone. But, in the long run, you’ll spend less because you won’t have to repair and replace the countertop as often. 2. Inspect Stone Slabs Thoroughly Stone countertops are an investment and should be treated…

The HanStone Lodge

HanStone Quartz. Inspired by Nature. Made in Canada. HanStone Canada is on the move with its innovative and super fun Mobile Showroom – affectionately dubbed “The HanStone Lodge”. A…