PurePave is Perfect for Canada’s Climate

PurePave permeable surfacing offers many unique benefits. However, winter performance is where it shines. PurePave is perfect for Canada’s climate. For instance, snow melts 50% faster on the PurePave surface. Once it melts, it percolates thru the permeable surface. Plus, the PurePave surface resists ice build-up. So, you use less salt to keep your driveway and walkways safe. 6 Ways PurePave is Perfect for Canada’s Climate: Snow melts 50% faster. PurePave speeds up the melting process. Therefore, reducing winter ice hazards. Not to mention, less shovelling! Salt and chlorine resistant. Plus, you can expect to use 50% less salt. Withstands friction. It’s been scientifically tested for friction and passed with flying colours! So, use a shovel, snowblower and even a snow plough on the PurePave surface. It can withstand the friction. Moreover, it can withstand 5000 pounds per square inch (PSI). Slip-resistant. Due to the Geo-thermal effect, and because a…