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Signs of Faulty Home Wiring

Keeping your home and family safe is your number one priority. There are invisible dangers in our homes, and electricity is one of them. Therefore, faulty wiring should be fixed immediately to prevent electrical shocks and home fires. But what exactly does faulty wiring look like? Refer to the below list of common signs of faulty home wiring. Common Signs of Faulty Home Wiring The Smell of Burning Plastic Most electrical wiring has plastic insulation. As a result, an electrical fire has a pungent smell of plastic burning. If you notice a burning plastic odour coming from any outlets or switches, call a Licensed Electrical Contractor and/or the fire department immediately. Aluminum Wiring While aluminum is an excellent conductor for electricity, it also can create fire hazards. According to the home inspection experts,  Amerispec of Canada, “Single strand aluminum distribution wiring was installed in many homes between approximately 1968 and 1978.…