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Garden Lighting Tips

3 Rules to Make Your Garden Architectural LED Lighting Design Look Perfect Spring is here, and that means it is a great time to start new building projects for your garden and lawn. Adding an architectural LED lighting design to your garden is a fairly straightforward process that can drastically improve the aesthetics of the area without taking too much time. Although it may seem simple to just install a few lights, there are plenty of garden lighting installations that range from mediocre to just plain tacky. It’s not uncommon to see simple mistakes in DIY setups. That’s why you need a professional’s touch when it comes to installing an architectural LED lighting design. Here are three rules to follow when it comes to upgrading the lighting in your garden. 1. Light Placement Matters Improperly placed lights are a common problem amateurs face when drawing up the plans for an…

2019 Lighting Trends

LED lighting is showing up everywhere. This energy efficient technology also offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing for the design of unique, sculptural pieces with architectural details.…