PurePave is a durable, permeable, pavement made from recycled materials. Moreover, it’s a sustainable solution to the hazardous effects of stormwater run-off and helps replenish aquifers. So, let’s learn more about the ways in which PurePave is an eco-friendly driveway. Learn How A PurePave Driveway is Eco-friendly Prevents Flooding and Stormwater Pollution PurePave is incredibly porous. It has a permeable sub-base that allows water to drain 30 cm below the surface back into the soil. Therefore, an enormous amount of water per second can drain through the PurePave surface. So, it has the potential to play a major role in flood reduction. Additionally, PurePave prevents stormwater pollution from running into the sewers and into rivers, streams and our water supply. Replenishes Aquifers PurePave functions just like natural soil. It allows water to permeate through and return back to the water table. So, it helps replenish aquifers. Plus, this has a…