Research shows that baby boomers’ expectations of where they’ll live as they age differ from that of their parents’ generation. Nursing homes, to many, represent a loss of freedom and a reduced quality of life. Therefore, Boomers will be less likely to move into congregate living settings. So, if you’re planning to grow older in your home, you’ll need to consider renovations to help you age in place. Firstly, hire a qualified renovation consultant to inspect your home. They’ll determine if it can meet your changing needs as you age. A renovation consultant recommends corrections and adaptations to your home which improve maneuverability, accessibility, and safety for elderly occupants. For instance, they may recommend non-slip flooring or adequate handrails on both sides of stairways. Refer to the below examples of renovations which may be recommended to help you age in place. Examples of Renovations to Help You Age in Place Exterior:…