We all know how dangerous a fireplace can be to young children. Especially since shiny things are very attractive to toddlers. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to protect your young ones. Refer to the following five simple steps to childproof your fireplace. 5 Simple Steps to ChildProof Your Fireplace Prevent contact with flames or hot surfaces by installing a permanent or movable gate or barrier. This will eliminate contact with the fireplace as well as potential tripping hazards. Avoid freestanding fireplace screens that a child can easily pull down. In the case of enclosed wood-burning stoves, gas or electric fireplaces, take the additional step of installing childproof locks on the doors to prevent contact with sparks or hot ash. Remember, the interior of a stove is still hot and dangerous long after the flames have died down. Eliminate contact with fireplace starters and remote controls. So, by…