Laminate Flooring FAQs

Laminate flooring has made considerable improvements over the past few years. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing, design and construction, this affordable, family-friendly flooring option is finally coming forward as a smart way create handsome interiors without the worry and expense that can come with hardwood. How Much Does Laminate Flooring Cost? The cost of laminate flooring has always been its greatest advantage. While the cost of home improvement materials tends to vary based on market geography, the laminate can often come in anywhere between $4 to $8 installed vs most hardwood options that can come it between $9 and $18 per square foot. Are Laminate Floors Better for Certain Lifestyles? Hardwood flooring is not always the best option for homes with children and pets. Sharp claws leave noticeable scratches, while pet urine can quickly and sometimes permanently damage hardwood floors. Kids can also be tough on flooring. Imagine heavy dropped…